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Most Search Engines Let You Display Their Ads Below The Most Popular One If you’ve heard of sites that have intentionally served their ads before the top-ranking result, you would be correct. This is called a pre-packaged SEO strategy and also known as CPC manipulation. Pre-Packaged SEO will manipulate your results for organic rankings. The …

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CCLEUNG Web Design Company Phone: 604-783-7668 Email Address: Address: #41 – 1755 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5N 1W2

Our Team

Edmonton Web Design does not only develop regular personal, business and eCommerce websites. We could also develop games websites, and all kinds of client management systems to meet educational, corporate, governmental and client needs. Please ask for prices and details.

About Us

CCLEUNG Web Design is a professional company for web design, web coding and development, eCommerce, SEO (search engine optimization), internet marketing, web structure, layout design, web hosting and web maintenance. We can help our clients in all parts. We will do our best to give our clients the professional, attractive graphic layout and high search …

Package and Prices

Basic website design package $799 Custom Design Custom header graphic incorporating logo(logo not included) Design up to 8 web pages Design up to 8 category a control panel to change password, add or edit post 1 hour of training 6 month warranty add one year of hosting for $120 SEO website design package $999 According …

Price Option

The price depends on how much work we need to do. We will offer a cheaper price than other companies. Please contact us for details. We will give our clients the best deal and hope that everyone is satisfied.

Control Panel

We can create a control panel for clients so they are able change their information easily online. We create the username and password for logins, and then allow the user choose their password. The user can view information about categories, products, new and processed product orders, wish lists, tax and sales reports, and members logged …

Special Graphic Effect

Experienced, we have excellent flash and JavaScript skills – we can create animation with sound or use JavaScript to create or edit the special graphic effect for client websites. Also, we can upload film from YouTube or change regular videos to flash videos.

Client Management System

Client management system is developed almost for any business. It is actually used to manage, store and process information on your client details. It helps to easily access and search your client details at the click of a button. Client management system is networked and can be used by multiple users. WebERP4’s Client management system …

Email Marketing

We have email marketing service for our client. We have over 10 million of email list from all around the world and help our client to make advisement for their company services, products and web sites. It also could help to increase ranking (search engine optimization (SEO)) of any web site. As a seo agency, …